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It's a very serious addiction, says Paula Hall, who runs a group therapy course for "sex addicts" in Warwickshire, and it's believed about one in 20 people suffer from it.Although not a chemical addiction like alcohol or heroin, it's a "process addiction" like gambling, she says, with a biochemical element linked to the release of dopamine in the brain.Approaching Ben, 25, she tested out one of the more obscure options, saying: 'I was wondering if I can have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.'In response he quipped: 'Who dared you to say that?' but later admitted that it 'definitely works' when women make the first move, explaining: 'I'm never going to turn a girl down straight away if she comes to speak to me.'For Nick, 26, it was one of the classics that grabbed his attention when Dilly asked: 'Do you believe in love at first sight? ' Nick, who has a girlfriend, turned Dilly down but conceded it was a 'good' opening that would have worked if he was single. It doesn't effect my sense of masculinity.' Out-there: Dilly tried out a chat-up line about the apocalypse on Adam, 33, saying: 'If I was a zombie, I would eat you the most.' Adam said he struggled to take her seriously with the line but that it was 'nice' for women to make the first move and strike up a conversation Obscure: On meeting Ben, 25, Dilly asked: 'I was wondering if I can have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas? However he was impressed with the no-nonsense attitude and said he wouldn't turn a woman away And while Sebastian, 30, took a few seconds to figure out the line he agreed it 'made him feel appreciated' and liked that Dilly had approached him.

Both Thai women were of a similar age Suttida was twenty nine years of age and her friend Praewa was twenty seven. Suttida worked in a travel agency in Bangkok, Praewa also worked in Thailand's capital city but as a beer girl at a bar in Sukhumvit.More recently, comedian Russell Brand admitted to spending a week at a centre for sexual addiction in Philadelphia.And earlier this year, relationship counselling service Relate said there had been a huge increase in the number of cases concerning sexual compulsive behaviour.Over the last two decades the Thai community in Australia has exploded with the influx of Thai women coming to Australia primarily as Thai brides.In line with this, strong Thai communities have spring up in all key Australian cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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"It's a compulsive need to seek out and follow a certain type of sexual behaviour.

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