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Dating yukari

Like usually, whenever Minako comes here she orders the Pheromone Coffee. Yukari waited a bit before she drank some of her coffee. " Yukari started to blush a little when she heard those heard coming from Minako's lips."Yes.""C-Can you say it again?

""I wondering if you wanted to go on a little date.""A date? Just let me get ready."Minako and Yukari walked out of Gekkoukan and won't be back until the end of the summer. They both sang together for two hours before they decided to go to Chagall Cafe.

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Her zeal for investigation brings SEES a lot of trouble, but also gains the group valuable allies and information.Midway through the game, Yukari discovers that her father was involved in the incident that unleashed the Shadows upon the world.Spouse right to remarry because i'm interested in slide in fortunes.She constantly picks on Junpei, hides her true motives from the group, and represses a lot of anger and pain about her past.At the beginning of the game she has trouble summoning her Persona and becomes distressed when holding an evoker gun to her head.

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""I thought maybe we could go to Mandragora, and after that we could some coffee or something.""Hmm. "Once they arrived at Mandragora, they start to sing to their hearts content, though Yukari was a little reluctant to do it, but Minako slowly got her to sing along with her.

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