Intimidating behaviour in the workplace

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has adopted a safety program for its own workers that includes a workplace anti-bully policy.The policy is contained in a 278-page document, the OSHA Field Health and Safety Manual, which was released on May 23, 2011.The measures exercised will depend on the outcome of a workplace investigation and the severity of the conduct.Some examples of threatening or intimidating behaviour include: Depending on the seriousness of the threatening, intimidating or aggressive conduct, as well as the surrounding circumstances, some instances of workplace bullying may be best dealt with by dismissal of the problem employee.The manual outlines safety practices for OSHA’s field offices.It was drafted in cooperation with the National Council of Field Labor Locals, a union that represents OSHA workers.The College will take prompt and appropriate action whenever a safety concern arises.Threatening behavior is defined as an expressed or implied threat to interfere with an individual's health or safety, or with the property of the College, or property on College premises belonging to others, which causes a reasonable apprehension or fear that such harm or injury is about to occur.

.” However, OSHA has not enforced that provision with respect to workplace bullying, despite overwhelming research that workplace bullying may cause severe damages to a target’s mental and physical health.All OSHA employees are required to “treat all other employees, as well as customers, with dignity and respect.Management will provide a working environment as safe as possible by having preventative measures in place and by dealing immediately with threatening or potentially violent situations. It is important employers are aware repeated intimidating and threatening behaviour can constitute workplace bullying and harassment.While this behaviour is not always as overt as some of the signs of classic workplace bullying or harassment, it is important for employers to recognise and record instances of threatening or intimidating behaviour, taking appropriate measures to address the conduct.

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However, all employers should be cautious in approaching termination for workplace bullying, ensuring allegations against the staff member are legitimate, all conduct is investigated impartially and fairly, and responded to quickly.