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As difficult as it is to believe, your girlfriend’s vanishing act is probably not an indicator that she no longer loves you.

I didn't have to sculpt my body to adapt to the male gaze. I had focused so much on living the life I wanted to live, and that's when the right guy walked in. Divorce inspired me to take a closer look at myself – inspiring me to deliberately create the life I want.During our time together I learned some things about her marriage and the way her husband treated her that were really hard to hear. I learned the day after she filed for divorce she fell and broke her back. I felt like she was throwing me away for no reason. I feel so lost now without her and sad in my heart.Her parents raised her to value material objects and financial security. Last year she told me that her marriage was over and she had already told her husband. I did something I'm very ashamed of when I knew she was dumping me without any good cause or reason. I’m so sad that we shared so much love with each other but it came to such a sad ending. Some of my friends told me to write to her and apologize for writing to her husband. Friends also tell me to give her space to figure things out, but I don't want to die leaving this world with her hating me. Frankie, if you have any advice I would truly love to hear from you.SAN FRANCISCO - JUNE 17: Sharon Papo places a ring on the finger of her partner Amber Weiss as they are married at San Francisco City Hall June 17, 2008 in San Francisco, California.Same-sex couples throughout California are rushing to get married as counties begin issuing marriage license after a State Supreme Court ruling to allow same-sex marriage.

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At the university I'd become known as a lesbian professor who incorporated queer content into her courses and who had a loving, long-term marriage. While some were fun in bed, I met a surprising number of men who had various versions of sexual dysfunction.

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